Here’s What Your Weekly Love Horoscope Says About Your Love Life | 3rd December – 9th December

By Maliha Khan | 3 Dec, 2018

Your weekly love horoscope to help you navigate your love life.


So the holiday season is right around the corner and who doesn’t want to have a midnight kiss on New Year’s Eve? Keep reading to see how the beginning of your December will be like with your boo or potential crush:, according to your weekly horoscope:



You know you have a problem and you always seem to hide behind them. I am warning you now that you need to cut that out. Keeping it bottled inside you is not healthy and definitely not fair to any party involved. If your man or woman needs to do a better job in the bedroom, then tell them. Did you know mind-reading only exists in the movies? We all know you are a stress-freak, but what’s the fun when you can’t wallow in your misery with someone else.

This week you should speak up and not let things linger.




Oh dear, you are paranoid and all for the wrong reasons. Would you just stop making up scenarios in your head and acting like things happened when in reality you know they didn’t? You are all over the place because you so often allow your relationship to take the front seat in your life. It is the perfect time to confront your partner about the status of your relationship and how they truly feel about you.

This week you NEED to STOP stressing and just communicate.




Oooooo… Sparks are flying and your new fling is going to become something more. Hold up, I’m not saying wedding bells are going to be ringing any time soon but there is going to be some sort of progression. A “let’s go on a date” may turn into “I am really starting to like you.”

This week be prepared to move onto the next stage of your relationship.




Have you been wary of the special someone in your life, well you are about to get a lot of answers? You will see right through the facades and lies, then it will be your chance to decide whether this person is worth it or not. Believe it or not, relationships are no stroll in the park, so really think about it before you make your big decision.

This week you can trust your gut to make hard decisions for you.




Is it too soon to give you some baby news? If you are fresh in a new relationship, the next few weeks will truly determine whether he or she is the one for you. If you have been in a relationship and things are getting more and more serious then get ready to have some fun. Your relationship has never had a honeymoon phase and you know what they say, it’s never too late.

This week you are going to get hot and steamy with your partner.




You’ve been living in la-la land for too long now and well I’m here to let you know you need to snap out of it. Desperation for the perfect relationship is not a good look on you and you deserve to feel better. You are truly the only person that can make you happy, so celebrate yourself. Love the person you are and take some time to focus on yourself, before dividing that attention.

This week simply be you.




Giving should have been your middle name. You always want to please your partner and want the best for them and amidst this all, you forget about yourself. You forget your feelings and wants are valid as well and that your partner needs to cater to you as much as you cater to them. Have the long-awaited discussion with your partner about balancing out your relationship.

This week make your partner aware you exist in the relationship too.




You feel unsupported, unloved, and misunderstood. Your silent approach to problems is not working in your favor this week. You’re going to have to make an effort to talk and explain yourself to your partner because he/she might have had no idea there was something wrong. Your partner is not always the best at picking up hints and you should know this by now because come on haven’t you been together long enough?

This week break out of your shell and let your partner have it.




The ball is in your court and you have the world in your hands. You can literally have whatever and whoever you want, so take the leap of faith. Go for someone that you may have thought was out of your league or someone you did not think you would connect with, because this can really open up some doors for you. What’s the worst that can happen, you get rejected?

This week go out of your comfort zone and do something you haven’t done before.




Have you been receiving some mixed signals from a certain someone that you have always just seen as a friend? Well, those signals are so real and DAMN those signals are strong. If you are still unsure of the signs, be open with this certain someone and in no time you will have it figured out.

This week make sure you make a smart choice.




Do you feel you have become dependent on your significant other? You are so right about that one. Don’t get it twisted there is nothing wrong with that because your partner will be the one person you can absolutely trust this week. He/she will help guide you in the right direction in about everything you have been confused with. One conversation with your partner will relief tons of pressure and stress from your shoulders.

This week you need to trust your partner.




You’re in for a really rough patch this week. Your partner has time and time again proved he/she is not worth the pain and trouble they put you through, but you always seem to forgive them and take them back. Cut that shit out of your life, because you are too precious for that. This relationship is toxic for both of you.

This week just move on with your life.


So there’s your weekly love horoscope. Good luck! Let us know what troubles you’ve had with your partner this week.


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