Here’s What Your Weekly Love Horoscope Says About This Week | 28th January – 3rd February 2019

By Maliha Khan | 28 Jan, 2019

Your weekly love horoscope will help you sort out matters of the heart

So I see you’re back to see your weekly love kundli and I will not be disappointing you. You see love is hard to get by, but the unknown is even harder to get by, so every week I give you an idea of what could happen in your love life or lack thereof. Hopefully, this is a good week for you.



Relationship: Oye araam se pesh ana apnay bohat pyaar karnay walay se. This is going to be a God-awful love-wise week for you, my friend. It seems like a lot of things in your life are not going according to your “timeline” and all of that anger is going to be unleashed on your significant other, if you don’t watch yourself. He/she is always ready to be your punching bag because he/she knows you don’t really mean it, but at some point this week you are going to take it too far. Be very careful with how you act and how you use your words, they might just bite you in the ass.

Single: Saturday looks like the ideal day for you to mingle. If there is a social gathering or party happening this weekend, I highly encourage you to attend.




Relationship: Looks like you and your partner are going on a special adventure this week. This adventure is going to bring you closer in more ways than one. You are going to connect on a deeper level because you are going to get the alone time you have been craving. Family and kids always seem to get in the way, but this week you have your hubby or wifey all to yourself, so take advantage of your alone time.

Single: The matters of the heart are simple, all it craves is love. You have finally learned this lesson, which is exactly why Mr./Mrs. Right will come into your life this week, so the single life isn’t the only life you’ll be living.




Relationship: Your love life is looking pretty solid, but your friendships not so solid. In your eyes, you have found “the one” and in some of your friends’ eyes, this relationship won’t last much longer. These are not the friends you want to keep around, because either they are jealous or they have feelings for you and can’t see you with anyone else. I recommend you take off your juti and kick them out ASAP.

Single: Your crush seems to be showing interest in someone a little out of their league and you can finally see the scum of a person they are. Your friends have been telling you this for a while and you weren’t ready to believe them, but now you are. Pani mai aur bhe bohat sari machliaan hai meray dost.




Relationship: I have always heard sex can be used as a weapon, but this week you are actually acting on this saying. You are using intimacy to get your way and that is not ethical in any way. Talk to your partner about what you’re thinking and what you want instead of manipulating them and using there masoomiat.

Single: You are the person you have been dating are starting to go stable, I wouldn’t call it a relationship just yet but it’s going in the right direction. Mubarakan.




Relationship: You finally settled down with someone that was never your type, but things are going so well you can’t seem to understand why you ever said no in the first place. This person is making you so happy and makes your every wish come true. Congratulations on this successful union, not all of us have the kind of luck that you do.

Single: An unexpected person is going to catch your eye and you are going to fall head over heels for this special someone. I can promise you the future looks bright for the two of you, so enjoy this soon to be a relationship.




Relationship: You are going to take a significant step with your partner. This new step is going to test your relationship and many aspects of it like loyalty, responsibility, and equality. This change is going to add to the relationship in a huge way, good or bad. This will be the ultimate test for your relationship, whatever might be left of it after this week.

Single: Someone with a huge age gap is going to come into your life before you say no give them a chance. This person might just blow you out of the water and really make you believe in love once again.




Relationship: You and your partner are not going to be on the same page as you. There are going to be a lot of differences between the two of you present, but at the end of the day, your partner makes you happy. This happiness is going to really pull through and work in both of your favors. Focus on the good in your relationship versus the bad and get on the same page quickly.

Single: You need to come to terms with the type of relationship you are in, which is pretty much nonexistent. I suggest you get your butt back in the field and get it on.




Relationship: If you are a female in a relationship, this is the week for you. Your husband or significant other is going to be the ultimate joru ka ghulam. He is going to listen to everything you ask of him, so you best get your to-do lists ready for your husband. And if you are a male, then you best get ready to persuade your partner into doing what you want. She will ultimately listen, but she is going to need some convincing.

Single: The weekend looks like a good time for you to go out and try out your luck in the dating world. You haven’t been super lucky in the past, but this week might just end up being fruitful for you.




Relationship: You and your partner have been on really good terms lately. Every aspect of your relationship is perfect but this is going to be ending soon. Prepare yourself for some upcoming tough times in your love life. Soak in the love this week.

Single: An old flame may try to come back into your life just to mess with your head and you will be tempted to let it happen. You deserve so much better than that piece of crap, he/she is not worth your time




Relationship: This is going to be a stressful week for you. You will be super insecure and feel really ugly from both the inside and outside. Well, I want to tell you that you are beautiful just the way you are and your partner believes this as well. Your partner isn’t always the most vocal about how he/she feels, but they love you exactly how you are. Venus is coming into your sign pretty soon, so get ready to turn into a swan.

Single: Make the first move because your crush is so into you but doesn’t have the guts to ask you out. Take the leap of faith and just do it yourself.




Relationship: Your partner is going to be your biggest supporter this week. Whether you have a big presentation at work or a big birthday party, he/she is going to be by your side at every step of the way. He/she is going to show you so much love and happiness this week and you won’t be able to handle it. Be prepared to be pampered.

Single: Someone special is going to be making many romantic gestures towards you. This might not be the right perfect for you in the long run but for the time being, this might be a good time-pass activity.




Relationship: You and your partner are going to have some weird ass conversations this week. This is pretty out of the ordinary, but this might be the solution to spice up your relationship. Have an intelligent conversation with your significant other, because there is no harm in discussing your thoughts and views. This is just going to bring the two of you together.

Single: Something is going to bring you and a potential lover close this week. Pay attention to the signs and the person will literally fall in your feet completely out of the blue.



So what do you think, how’s your love life looking like this week?



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