Yasir Hussain Thinks Pakistan Winning The World Cup Now Would Be “Qiyamat Ki Nishani”

By Ramsha Bhatti | 4 Jul, 2019

Whether you are fond of the local media industry or not, I’ll bet my money on the fact that you’ve still come across a controversy linked to Yasir Hussain. Be it news about his relationship with Iqra Aziz, which continues to remain a mystery, tbh…

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…or the fact that Yasir Hussain loves giving his two cents on everything, even if it’s problematic…

…Yasir Hussain has managed to garner A LOT of attention in the past few days due to his extremely problematic sense of humor.

As said before, Yasir Hussain’s sense of humor has not managed to resonate well with people but he doesn’t seem to care. Let’s not forget the shitstorm that took place after the snide remark that Yasir made about Hania Amir that further led to a series of unfortunate and poorly constructed apologies and jokes from Yasir’s end.

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Needless to say, this resulted in MASSIVE backlash from not just the public, but the media industry as well.

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He even poked jokes at Mahira Khan and I mean, what even!

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Keeping aside the Mahir and Hania controversies, let us not forget how Yasir tried justifying himself for his dark humor on national television.

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From passing misogynistic remarks about the way female stars dress to red carpet humor; Yasir tried every pointless stance to justify himself and to prove himself to be innocent. Did not work well, but okay.

Me to Yasir rn

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Keeping the tradition alive, Yasir has once again come forth with another opinion.

By now, all of us are well aware of the fact that Yasir likes to make fun of everything, regardless of how sensitive it may be. The most sensitive issue in Pakistan, as of late, has to be, without a hint of doubt, the cricket World Cup!

And Yasir has some thoughts about that too

While this jab at the Pakistan cricket team is not that problematic, I am still of the opinion that many supporters will not appreciate this “harmless” blow.

Team Pakistan has been a trending topic in Pakistan lately, one which has stirred a lot of heated debate. 

I mean, we all know ke ab koi scene nahi hai game ka, and we are probably not going to make it to the end but Yasir’s comment is a bit too in-your-face and non-memeish, like the approach most people have taken. Memes apni jagah, mean hona apni jagah.

Via: Tribune

In all honesty, Yasir is late to the party since the “92 WC” reference is dying down for obvious reasons!

Dil ke armaan ansoon main beh gaye! 

From a spectator’s perspective, I like Yasir as an actor. What I don’t like is Yasir as a comedian. Yasir’s work has been phenomenally appealing and he is convincing as an actor and even as a comedian, but only when the camera is rolling.

These poorly constructed jokes, especially about sensitive topics – they just don’t sit well, at all.

Anyway, let us know what you think about this in the comments.


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