17 Times You Actually Want To “Khalaas” Your Siblings But Can't… Because Obviously

By Hurmat Riaz | 23 Jul, 2017

No doubt your siblings are a blessing. They save you at times when no one else can but they also stab you in the back at times when you least expect it. Moments like that make you wish that you didn’t even have siblings in the first place. You sometimes look at your parents with questioning eyes, “kya mein kaafi nahi tha maa?”  

Here are some moments that will make you feel the same as well:


1. When your siblings score more in exams and rub it in your face

They become the center of attention of the whole family and everyone asks you, “tumharay kyun itnay kam number aye?”

Source: Saga Music


2. When they rat you out in front of parents just to get their way

You specifically asked them not to tell your parents about that cigarette pack but they still tell them just to be the good kid.

Source: MangoBaaz / YouTube


3. When they eat that one slice of cake that you had worked so hard to hide in the fridge

You dream about it whole day and when you check the fridge, it’s gone..

Source: MangoBaaz / YouTube


4. When your siblings taunt you by taking your parents’ side in an argument

Although you know that they agree with you in their heart of heart.

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5. When they make sure you get blamed for something they did

This is the worst. You don’t even know how to react in such situations.

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6. When your siblings take credit for something good that you did

And you’re sitting there like, “Am I that invisible?”

Source: Showcase Productions


7. When your siblings slap you out of nowhere without any reason or explanation

And call it having fun.

Source: MangoBaaz / YouTube


8. When they steal your clothes and never return them

You know how many fights you had with them on that one shirt but they still don’t understand.

Source: MangoBaaz / YouTube


9. When your siblings sit in your room and don’t leave when you want to have some alone time

They know that you want some alone time and they’ll nag you at that precise moment just to mess with you.

Source: MangoBaaz / YouTube


10. When they keep on talking to you when you just want to read your book

They keep on telling you that same story every time which you know by heart now.

Source: MangoBaaz / YouTube


11. When you want some favor from them but they remind you of a time when you didn’t help them

Kya bakwas hai ye?

Source: MangoBaaz / YouTube


12. When they’re just being annoying pieces of shit and you can’t stand them

You don’t even know what to say to them so you just start pushing each other around.

Source: MangoBaaz / YouTube


13. When your siblings start singing that one song that annoys the hell out of you

They know you hate this song and it’ll stuck in your head and for the same reason they’ll keep on singing it just to mess with you.

Source: Hum Network Limited


14. When they’re not being a good player in a game you’re playing together

There’s always someone who throws off the whole board of ludo in the middle of the game when they are losing.

Source: MangoBaaz / YouTube


15. When in a fight they hit you but start crying just so mum’s flying chappal hits you instead

And you know that they started it.

Source: MangoBaaz / YouTube


16. When you buy a gift for your parents and they make you to put their name on it as well

You ask them to contribute some money in buying the gift but they will say, “behen bhaiyon mein paison ka hisaab kaisa?

Source: Saga Music


17. When they get on your nerves just by existing

And breathe right in your face.

Source: MangoBaaz / YouTube

Do your siblings annoy the shit out of you as well and you’ve plotted their death so many times that you’ve lost count now? Tell us in the comments.


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