Here’s What Your Weekly Love Horoscope Says About This Week | 21st January – 27th January 2019

By Maliha Khan | 21 Jan, 2019

Your weekly love horoscope to guide your dil ka maamla


Love is a great thing isn’t? Some people find it in the right person in one try and others go on for years searching for the “right one”. It doesn’t always come easy, but when it does you can often find “home” in that person. Since the year is off to a good start for most of us, why not keep that going in our love lives as well?

Keep reading to see how true that holds for your love life this week.



Relationship: You feel whole, a sense of security exudes from within you. You feel loved and you are loved, which has been tough for you to feel and acknowledge. You have so many that love you, but your partner is your ultimate soulmate. He/she understands you on a whole different level and this week you will see just how far your partner can go to make you happy. Chalo bas karo, apni luck hamaray saath bhe share karlo, badtemeez.

Single: You’ve waited a long time for “the one” and this week that person is going to come strolling into your life and change it forever. Keep your eyes wide open for that special or else you might just miss him/her.




Relationship: This is going to be an exciting week, financially-wise for you and your partner. You two are about to run into some serious cash and possibly drown in it but don’t worry it was earned the halal way. You and your partner have worked hard and finally, this business/investment deal of yours are unfolded successful. Mubarak ho apko, party kab dey rahay ho?

Single: You’ll be hearing some good news like “Beta apka rishta paaka ho gaya hai”. Instead of getting annoyed with your parents at those words, you will finally be at peace with the decision your parents have made for. Instead apkay toh laddoo phut rahay hain.




Relationship: A pretty big commitment is in your near future. Whether that is a baby, new job, bigger house, or whatever it may be that will positively affect your relationship, it is coming your way. Hold on tight folks you are on a pretty crazy roller coaster this week.

Single: Stay positive my friend and stay smiling, because nothing special is happening this week, but one day it will. Don’t dwell on the negatives, being single is something everyone internally wishes.




Relationship: Your life separate from your partners has been on fire with all of the travel and promotions, but your partner is being a little bitter about it all. This week you will have many ups with your life and many downs with your relationship, but there are better things to come. Have some patience for your partner, they’ve always supported you, try being there for them more this week to make them feel better as well.

Single: You’ve been feeling extra jealous of people that have committed to their respective partners this week and you can’t seem to understand why all of a sudden you are feeling this way. Well don’t worry, you aren’t alone. Everyone goes through a point like this in their lives.




Relationship: You’ll be brave enough to share all sorts of feelings with your partner this week and this is going to work in your favor. You are going to tell him/her all of your darkest secrets and they are going to love you more than ever. The respect and love will be reciprocated in many ways and you will feel like you finally belong together. And they lived happily ever after.

Single: Romance and Cupid are in your corner this week. Take the shot with your crush, what’s the worst that can happen? Romeo needs his Juliet and this might be the ideal week.




Relationship: Unconditional love comes with every relationship and it needs to be a two-sided thing. One partner putting in more than the other is never a happy relationship. You have been feeling as if your partner does not seem to give a shit about you or your relationship this week, so the right thing to do would be to take a break or move on. It’s not always easy, but its doable. Learn to love yourself before you can love somebody else.

Single: Girl (or boy) you have been through hell and back but it always seems like you came back with nothing, so why not spend the extra few minutes loving yourself? Sometimes the single lifestyle is a happy lifestyle.




Relationship: You’ve been having some “romantic” dreams about your partner and this week those dreams are about to come true. Now it all depends on what were the contents of your dreams, but prepare to have your mind blown. Talk to your partner about what you’ve been feeling and be open about those dreams because dreams do come true.

Single: Embrace the signs your crush has been giving you. Whether they are positive or negative, you should take them into consideration and approach the situation in that manner.




Relationship: You are going to be on Cloud Nine and nothing is going to bring you down this week. You are doing the absolute best and all I want to say is laggay raho Munna Bhai. Your partner is going to put you up on a pedestal this week and will be celebrating all of your accomplishments this week. You got a good one, don’t let him/her go.

Single: You have faith in the person you have been seeing on and off and it is finally time to call it a “relationship”. You might not be one to label things, but this is something worth placing a label on.




Relationship: Love is tough and often times people come at crossroads wondering whether it is even worth it. You have been feeling like you are second-class in your relationship, but the truth is your partner has never wanted for you to feel like that. Hold on tight to the love that you have and work on it because there is pure 24 karat magic in it.

Single: You’ve been holding onto your fantasies for a while now, but it might just be time to move on. Love in the near future for you, but just not this week. Go out and have a fun time with your friends for a change.




Relationship: Behind closed doors, you have never been the so-called romantic couple. There have rarely been butterflies and sparks between you and partner, not because there isn’t love but because you just aren’t that type of couple. This is often contributed to your chaotic environment, so my advice is to run away. Nai yaar wo wala run away nahi. What I mean to say is, take a break from everything and everyone and enjoy each other’s company. You’ll see how fast those sparks fly.

Single: Stop crushing on people that you know are no good. Dote on an intelligent mind and pure soul versus the idiots you’ve been running after, they aren’t worth your precious time or love.




Relationship: Oh man the emotions are real this week. For someone who is pretty aloof and emotionless majority of the times, the overwhelming feelings you feel this week are going to bring you and your partner together. You have been having a hard time accepting and validating your feelings so don’t be afraid to tell your partner how you feel. He/she has seen you at your worst, koi mamuli emotions aren’t going to chase him away.

Single: Your love life is going to change drastically this week. You may have recently become single or been single for a while, but you are going to do a 360. Get your bags ready for this new adventure, whatever it may be.




Relationship: Communication is going to be a huge hurdle between you and your partner this week. Your partner seems to not be interested in holding a proper conversation and you don’t know where this type of behavior is coming from, well fikar not, this will all blow over soon. Continue to love and cherish your partner because, she/he is only going through a rough patch, it might not even have anything to do with you.

Single: You may be single, but the person you are interested in is most definitely not. Stay away from these already-committed guys because they are bad news.


What was your love life like this week?


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