Oye Virgos, Here's How Compatible Each Zodiac Sign Is With You

By Maliha Khan | 9 Sep, 2018

Astrology takes into consideration the alignment of stars and planets, which then affects the mood and personality of a given individual. This would also help to explain which sign works best with another given sign. The sign we’re focusing on today is Virgo – and how compatible it is with other zodiac signs.

Virgos are known for their attention to detail and their conservative ways.

Let’s find out who may be most compatible with a Virgo.

1. Capricorn – Extremely compatible 

They are both dedicated and reliable. They have mutual respect for each other’s jobs and hobbies since they understand the importance of having demanding commitments. They are calm and logical, which might seem boring to an outsider, but the two enjoy each other’s company. Virgos are known for their distrusting personalities, but that is not the case with Capricorns – they trust with a blind eye.

Source: Zara Shahjahan

2. Pisces – Extremely compatible

Opposites attract, you know? These two may come from two sides of the spectrum, but balance each other out pretty nicely. Pisces are dreamers and typically on cloud nine, which is why Virgos are the perfect people to bring them down to Earth. They complement and balance each other out well.

Source: Via Instagram / @sabooraly

3. Cancer – Extremely compatible

Both are humble and grounded, which is why their connection is remarkably perfect. They grow to truly understand each other and value the other’s presence. They are independent and prefer alone time over group gatherings, which makes it a whole lot easier for them to understand each other’s need for personal space.

Source: Dastaan

4. Taurus – Mostly compatible

Taurus folks are known for their patience, which is why they are willing to work hard with a Virgo to build a long, lasting relationship. This is another case of opposites attracting. While they may not have the same hobbies, they work well together. Even though Taurus is most carefree and outgoing, they take the time to understand their Virgo counterparts.

Source: Via Tumblr

5. Virgo – Mostly compatible

They may be the same sign, but with so many similarities, the two find it hard to trust each other. Their mistrusting personalities can lead to some serious trust issues, which is never good in any type of relationship. They may be able to develop a stable relationship, but both need to accept each other’s feelings and emotions.

Source: ARY News/YouTube

6. Scorpio – Mostly compatible

Both are intellectuals with the desire for continuous knowledge. Scorpios are most aligned with their emotions while Virgos remain logical, which can often feel like their relationship is one-sided. This can lead to differences that can either work out for the best or in the worst ways.

Source: Via Instagram / @aimankhan.official

7. Aries – Moderately compatible

Virgos prefer structure and stick to plans, while Aries like spontaneity. Aries are carefree and prefer to live life like that, which Virgos cannot understand. Their relationship is never dull or empty, rather they experience all types of highs together.

Source: Mega Bollywood

8. Gemini – Moderately compatible

They work well together only because they analyze, analyze a little more, and analyze the crap out of something until they overthink and screw themselves over. They focus on rationality versus emotions, which is not always a good thing. In the off chance that they work on their emotions, they can really hit it off.

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9. Aquarius – Slightly compatible

Virgos are often ready to give up everything for their partner, which is not always returned. This can often lead to an imbalance in the relationship. They both value attention to detail and honesty, which creates a strong bond. An Aquarius’s risky lifestyle can often create issues that a Virgo does not need in their perfect life.

Source: MD Productions

10. Sagittarius – Slightly compatible

The two signs will always be able to build a relationship, but never a lasting, meaningful one. They can have long, in-depth conversations, but will never truly understand each other.

Source: Via Google

11. Libra – Slightly compatible

They are very understanding, but it is nearly impossible for them to understand each other’s points of view. Virgos are very quiet and reserved, while Libras are open books. They don’t seem to be on the same page, like ever which is why they will never really work out.

Source: Pinterest

12. Leo – Slightly compatible

Leos are fierce and bold. They prefer to be in the leadership role and love the attention. Leos crave compliments and their Virgo counterparts allow them to be in the limelight at all times. This can sometimes become the source of issues.

Source: Hum TV Network

Let us know which zodiac sign you think you are most compatible with below!

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