Netflix's 3 Must-Watch Shows That Are All The Rave

By Mahnoor Ali | 23 Dec, 2022

Netflix’s original series have also come a long way since the platform began launching its own shows and now, it seems to drop a new TV show more or less every week, which is a lot to handle. However, only some of these shows go on to become a hit among all audiences alike! 

Below are 3 must-watch Netflix’s original series, everyone is raving about!

1. Squid Game Netflix’s

Squid Game is another original show on Netflix's platform
Source: The News

In the world of Squid Game, innocent nostalgia comes with a body count of 456 individuals who compete to the death in playground games for $45.6 billion Korean won. All on the brink of financial ruin and desperate for a way out, the players are forced to compete with each other by the rich, until there’s just one victor left standing. Though it hasn’t been out long, the South Korean drama already holds many accolades. Rather than take place in any dystopian landscape, Squid Game grounds its premise through a real-world, contemporary setting. The “last-man-standing” hook means there’s a predictability to how it all plays out.

Manipulated by fine print, the Squid Game competitors aren’t initially aware of the life-or-death consequences they’ve signed up for. After the first game’s mass casualties, a loophole gives them the chance to opt-out from playing and return safely to their empty bank accounts. The choice seems like a no-brainer from an outside perspective, there are no good options for those on society’s margins.

2. Stranger Things

Netflix's most popular original show Stranger Things
Source: Today

Say what you will about its storytelling, Stranger Things continues to be a celebration of the 1980s, from its own filmic references regarding style and story to an avalanche of references from the era. It’s plucky set of kids and teen characters battling monsters and going to the mall. It’s a nostalgic dream and a creep-fest nightmare.

The show’s carefully crafted aesthetics always serve to augment the joyful nature of the series’ non-monster moments. And that, really, is where Stranger Things shines. The creep factor is important, but it acts as an almost funny character to the otherwise happy-go-lucky look at suburban life. Mainly, though, it’s the friendships and coming-of-age stories, the relationships, family bonding, and character arcs, that really make Stranger Things great.

3. Unbelievable

Unbelievable is another Netflix's show with good rating
Source: Tribune

Based on a Pulitzer-winning piece of journalism by T. Christian Miller and Ken Armstrong, Unbelievable is a series of such quiet power that its full impact hits you after you finish the show! There’s something revolutionary about it. Even though it’s difficult to watch at times, this is the kind of series likely to live with you long after its final moments come to a close. For a story centered on rape, that is hardly unusual.

Unbelievable distinguishes itself by the simple act of making one big point: that everyone watching already knows that rape is a horrific violation. It assumes you’ve got that handled; that audience have plenty of experience seeing rape depicted in media in a nightmarish fashion and are aware of people on the other side of the screen. Furthermore they also assume that audience knows one in every six women may have experienced rape or attempted rape in their lives. It has absolutely no interest in immersing its audience in trauma and violation. It is far more interested in the survivor’s perspective—on what happened to her and how it lingers, but also on the violations that come after.


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