Mathira Just Featured In Naseebo Lal’s Latest Song And Uff Qayamat Agayi

By Iman Zia | 15 Feb, 2019

Mathira is an actual goddess – my goddess.  I’ve always been unfailingly complimenting her, not being a shill at all just FYI. Her confidence, her wonderful aura of sprinkling cheer where she is is something not many can do. She’s unapologetic about herself, she’s carefree, she’s a confident singular mother who is the epitome of valiance…need I go on?


So, imagine my delight when someone like Mathira collaborates with a living legend and THE Naseebo Lal? ARE YOU MINDBLOWN YET?

Source: Comedy Central


Mathira recently starred in a music video Nasha Sajna Da” sung by Naseebo Lal along with Punjabi rapper Arbax Arry.

The song is a fabulous and heartfelt song with the soulful Naseebo Lal’s soothing voice kickstarting the song with a soft and aching lyric; “Bus nazaron se Allah bachaye.” 

Source: Beyond Records


While we don’t see the legend herself, her voice is mimed by the gorgeous Mathira, who never compromises on the essence of Naseebo’s vocals because of her soft facial expressions.

Source: Beyond Records


Rapper Abrax bellows out his powerful lyric,m intertwining with Naseebo’s prowess voice throughout the song.

Source: Beyond Records


Mathira looks the usual goddess that she is – she’s so gorgeous and owns the screen, adding a bit of glamor and glitz to the song that’s been shot in some exotic location.

Source: Beyond Records



I personally LOVE the song.


What do you guys think about the song?


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