Pakistanis Are Dragging Minister Ali Haider Zaidi For Telling People To Make Their Own Coronavirus Masks

By Sannia Bilal | 28 Feb, 2020

Ali Haider Zaidi had a weird Coronavirus preventing solution for Pakistanis

As we all know, Coronavirus has proven to be one of the most hazardous ongoing global epidemics the world has seen. The virus that was first identified in Wuhan, China in December 2019, has caused about 28,000 deaths within China only, with over 80,000 cases emerging in a matter of days.


While the world has been struggling with containing the Coronavirus, Pakistan also identified the first two cases of the virus in Karachi


And another in Islamabad.


The revelation of the Coronavirus in Pakistan has caused a lot of panic and calls for the Government to take action

What’s sad is when the country should be taking preventive measures unanimously and helping each other out to avoid the spread of this disease, some vendors have reportedly been overcharging everyone for the masks.


Subsequently, the Federal Minister of Maritime affairs Ali Haider Zaidi had a Coronavirus prevention suggestion that has caused outrage

WARNING, wtf moment ahead…

So instead of taking charge of the situation, apparently, Mr. Ali Haider Zaidi took to Twitter and said that whoever is worried about the overpriced masks, should make their own and he also shared a video fo the “hack”.


And, well, obviously, Pakistanis were not very happy at Ali Haider Zaidi suggesting a Coronavirus prevention jugaar


They’ve been calling out Ali Haider Zaidi and his Coronavirus prevention suggestion as another failure of the Government to take charge of matters in time


With such suggestions, Ali Haider Zaidi was told he should rather opt for running a YouTube channel instead

People also recalled how medical professionals have been warning that for most healthy people these masks may even be counterproductive


Others tried to joke about Ali Haider Zaidi giving his Coronavirus prevention suggestion by suggesting this will increase prices of materials that he has suggested to make the masks with

Oh well, whatever helps to cope with the dark times we’re living through, I guess.

While the minister’s inept response is definitely worthy of criticism, the virus may be highly contagious, it is also important to acknowledge that a whopping 36,000 patients have seen the road to recovery, so it might not be as deadly, after all.

On a serious note, the global Coronavirus outbreak has been quite dreadful for the masses. Some of the biggest economies have come to a stand still, such as, Italy, Iran, China, Singapore, Korea, Japan and many others. It is very important to practice precaution and educate one another about the preventive measures. If you or anyone you know is showing symptoms of the disease, a helpline: 1166 has been set up for you, please get in touch with the authorities so we can fight this together.

Stay safe.



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