Pakistanis Are Pairing Up Mahira Khan And Fahad Mustafa After Their TV Appearance Together

By Arslan Athar | 24 May, 2019

For quite a while now, Mahira Khan and Fahad Mustafa have talked about working together. Sadly for fans, this dream hasn’t yet materialized. In multiple interviews, both stars have expressed interest in a possible collaboration, and heck, we’re excited to see it happen.

Last night we got to see a small glimpse of what a Mahira-Fahad star-er would look like. 

Mahira Khan appeared on Fahad Mustafa’s game show last night, and it was one of the most wholesome things we’ve seen in a while.

Like just imagine these two in a movie like this! Ugh, would watch it for days!

Source: @TheMahiraKhan / Twitter


And I mean, our Queen looks freaking FLAWLESS.

Source: @TheMahiraKhan / Twitter


I don’t think anyone can get over this visual anytime soon. 

Matlab, MashAllah MashAllah.

Source: @fahadmustafa26 / Twitter


Even the part where Mahira joined Fahad for his iconic ‘car top’ celebrations was just too cute.



People watching the episode couldn’t help but wish to see them together on-screen soon.


People couldn’t help but ship the jori. 




Suggestions were made about how to get this to happen.

First Pakistan had its dam fund, now it has its Fahad-Mahira fund.


The people have spoken!


This project NEEDS to happen. 


Apparently, everyone wants this thing to happen NOW!


Renowned Entertainment Writer Fifi Haroon also joined in!


Mahira Khan herself responded to some of these calls for a joint project. 



And finally, Fahad Mustafa popped the most important question of all. 


And Mahira Khan said YES!


Mahira Khan and Fahad Mustafa definitely shot a pretty memorable episode last night, and their fans and shippers are now beyond excited to see them together on the screen. So let’s see what happens, maybe a drama, or who knows, maybe even a film!

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 Cover Photo Courtesy: @fahadmustafa26 / Instagram

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